Here's How We're Going to Get There:

Focus on these 5 areas will provide the greatest impact and improvements to our community:

Obesity Prevention

We will reduce obesity by creating a healthier community through better nutrition and active living.

Care for the Uninsured

We will increase access to care for the uninsured by removing physical and social barriers to quality healthcare.

Health for the Insured

We will maximize health for the insured by creating innovative ways to streamline primary and preventive care.

Kindergarten Readiness

We will improve kindergarten readiness by ensuring that all families in the City of Spartanburg have access to evidence-based programs for children prenatal through age five, including home visitation, parenting education, and high quality early care and education.

Community Pride

We will build community pride by increasing social connections that engage more citizens to express love for where they live, work, and play.